Study on the informal sector in Palestine - 2008

Study on the informal sector in Palestine - 2008.

The Informal Sector in the Palestinian Territories:

The Current Situation and Prospects for Structuring the Sector - 2008

This study attempts to review the situation of workers in the informal sector in Palestine for the year 2008, from the perspective of general characteristics and features, with the aim of presenting suggestions that can be implemented towards the structuring of this sector, to protect it and its economic and social roles, as well as to strengthen the capacity to persist of social layers that employ this sector as an option to cope with difficult economic and employment conditions and the recession in the local economy's capability to make employment opportunities available.

The goal of this study has been to become acquainted with the conditions of the laborers and employers within the context of the informal sector in Palestine, in terms of the features and characteristics  of those workers, their numbers and categorizations. and the nature of the crafts and economic activities they practice. In addition, the study aimed to monitor the economic and social aspects related to this sector. 

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