Restaurant and Tourism Company Workers Establish a Union in Ramallah

Restaurant and Tourism Company Workers Establish a Union in Ramallah.

Restaurant and Tourism Company Workers Establish a Union in Ramallah

Ramallah- On Monday 19/12/2016 Restaurant and Tourism Company Workers held their establishing conference for their union in Ramallah. The conference was attended by 42 members, including 10 women, of the new union and the Ministry of Labor. The initiative to form this new union was taken by a group of young workers some months ago to enable workers in their sector to improve their situation and defend their rights collectively. Their efforts were supported by the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center through the project “Strengthening the Role of Trade Unions in Palestine” funded by the Olof Palme International Center.

Mr. Amer Rayan a member of Restaurant and Tourism Companies Workers’ Union opened the conference saying: “the founding of this union is very important, there is now a legal body to represent workers from this sector”. He added: “the existence of this union provides safety to workers from this sector, and will allow them to defend their rights”.

Mr. Sha’ban Nassar representing the Ministry of Labour said: “We hope that this union achieves its objectives especially defending workers’ rights.  At the Ministry of Labour, our main focus is to monitor and supervise the unions’ work”.

These unionists attended a series of training courses, workshops and awareness meeting about the right to organize and trade union management among other topics, in order to acquire knowledge and skills for forming and running their union. DWRC also provided technical and legal assistance to enable them to prepare their basic statute & obtain official recognition. 

Mr. Omar Al-Toqoz representing DWRC said: “it’s very important for the union to continue adhering to the principles of democracy and independence in their decision-making. The administrative bodies must be transparent, enjoys pluralism in membership and take into account gender balance”.

During the conferences the new union members elected their president and administrative committee in a democratic way. Wael Hamoudeh was elected as a president and other elected representatives are: Huda Mas’oud, Hasas Hajajra, Amer Rayan, Mahmoud Abdat, Basel Bani Oudah, Mahmoud Tarifi and Mouhammad Saber.