DWRC implements a training course on gender equality in the world of work in Hebron

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DWRC implements a training course on gender equality in the world of work in Hebron.

On Monday, 18/10/2021, the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine (DWRC) concluded a training course on “Gender equality in the world of work – fundamental rights, ILO standards and domestic laws” in Hebron. The three-day course, which started on 16/10/2021, was attended by 24 participants representing twelve women’s association and cooperatives, Beit Awa Rural Development Society, Al-Thahariyeh Ladies’ Charitable Society, Al-Shioukh Cooperative for Animal Husbandry and Production, Yatta Ladies’ Charitable Society, Al-Shioukh Women’s Club, Halhoul Ladies’ Charitable Society, Nahdit Bent AlReef Charitable Society, Al-Samo’a Charitable Association, Ein Al-Sultan Camp Women’s Activities Society,  Al-Noua’ma and Al-Diouk Charitable Society, Al-Diouk Cooperative, and Al-Auja Women’s Center.

This training course aims to provide participants with knowledge about the concepts and terminology of gender equality, decent work, and international labour conventions on gender equality, and ILO conventions and recommendations related to the informal economy and cooperatives. The course also addressed the importance of protection from violence and harassment in the world of work, and ILO Convention No. 190 and Recommendation No 206. Participants were also able to develop their understanding of women workers’ rights according to the Palestinian Labour Law. One of the trainees, Yousra Eweidat, said: “I really benefited from this course, as we have several factories and companies in Al-Shioukh, including a garment factory and a sanitary napkins and detergents factory. I have 52 members [in my association], and I will raise their awareness to allow them to claim their legal rights.”

Maysoun Al-Sharha from the Nahdit Bent AlReef Charitable Society in Dura talked about violations of her rights she had been exposed to, saying that “I did not know my rights and I did not know that the things that happen to me at work constitute violations of the law, but now I have more knowledge about my rights and legal dispositions that protect me.” The course was based on participatory learning methods, through group exercises and brainstorming, which enhanced their ability to express themselves about gender equality issues and the rights of working women.

This course is part of the “Gender Equality in the Economic Sphere: Our Right, Our Priority” project, which seeks to enhance Palestinian CSOs engagement in and contribution to advancing gender equality in Palestine, in particular women’s economic rights, and is implemented by DWRC in partnership with COSPE, the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development and EducAid, and is funded by the European Union.