DWRC implements a training course on gender equality in the world of work in Gaza

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DWRC implements a training course on gender equality in the world of work in Gaza.

Gaza, 2/11/2021 - In order to strengthen the role of Palestinian grassroots women’s organizations in contributing to the defense and realization of women’s rights, and given that fostering gender equality is essential for ensuring decent work, the Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine (DWRC) concluded its third training course on “Gender equality in the world of work – fundamental rights, ILO standards and domestic laws”, which took place in the Gaza Strip from October 30th until November 1st, 2021.

The three-day course was attended by 18 female and male participants representing nine women’s associations, cooperatives and unions,  namely the United Cultural Society from Rafah, the Rafah Agricultural Cooperative, Beesan Benevolent Association, Nebras Association for Social Development, Rural Women Development Society, Juzour Al-Zeitoun Society, Zeina Cooperative, the Kindergarten and Day-Care Employees’ Union, and the PGFTU women’s department.

“I got acquainted with new concepts during the training, particularly in relation to gender and equality between men and women at work” said Ghada Qashta, a representative of the United Cultural Society. She added “I plan to implement awareness workshops for women about gender equality at work and the Palestinian Labor Law in order to strengthen women’s capacity and knowledge for claiming their rights”. Fatma Al-Dardasawi, from Juzour Al-Zeitoun Society, confirmed that the training was very useful and that she gained valuable information about the Labor Law, rights, obligations and violations of rights in the labor field, adding “I will apply what I learned through holding awareness meetings for women and men”. 

This course is part of the “Gender Equality in the Economic Sphere: Our Right, Our Priority” project, which seeks to enhance Palestinian CSOs engagement in and contribution to advancing gender equality in Palestine, in particular women’s economic rights, and is implemented by DWRC in partnership with COSPE, the Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development and EducAid, and is funded by the European Union. The course was co-financed by the PSAC - Social Justice Fund.