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Join us in calling for an immediate ceasefire in #Gaza_Under_Attack and an urgent intervention by the international community to prevent the forced transfer of Gaza’s population

* Humanitarian aid must be allowed into the Gaza Strip to provide medical supplies, food, drinking water, sanitation to the civilian population

* The week-long uninterrupted aerial bombing and shelling of Gaza had already killed 1537 Palestinians, among them 500 CHILDREN and 273 women by last night according to the Ministry of Health, and injured 6612 persons, including 1644 children and 1005 women. The Ministry also indicated that 44 families were in their homes by Israeli bombs.

* 423,000 Palestinians have been internally displaced according to the UN

* A couple of hours ago, Israel ordered 1.1 million Palestinians to leave the northern and Gaza governorates with 24 hours and not to come back before it says they can. This concerns about half the population of the Gaza Strip. The UN said it would be impossible. Furthermore, the forcible transfer of protected persons is prohibited under international humanitarian law. All member States of the UN and the Geneva conventions need to intervene urgently to stop any attempt by Israel to undertake a massive #EthnicCleansing of Palestinians in Gaza and prevent a new #Nakba.

We call upon the labor movement, civil society organizations and citizens worldwide to speak up and ask their politicians and governments to uphold international law and protect Palestinian civilians.

Please keep us informed about your solidarity steps and initiatives, and do not hesitate to contact us for any info you may need.

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