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Demand a #CeaseFireNow for #GazaUnderAttack

International humanitarian law prohibits the targeting of healthcare personnel and health facilities and transport during hostilities and warfare. They must be protected at all times, as do the patients in their care.

Since October 7, 2023, through its uninterrupted bombing and shelling campaign on the Gaza Strip, #Israel has:

– killed 28 healthcare personnel while on duty or through the bombing of civilian homes

– of them, 10 paramedics have been killed and 27 injured will attempting to save lives

– targeted ambulances, of which 23 have been destroyed or damaged to the point that they can no longer be used

– damaged 15 healthcare centers

– fired white phosphorous shells at a children’s hospital (Al-Dura hospital), which had to be immediately evacuated

– damaged another two hospitals, Beit Hanoun hospital and Hamad rehabilitation hospital, which had also to be evacuated

– ordered 23 hospitals in the northern area of Gaza to evacuate, affecting about 2000 patients. Massive evacuation of hospital patients is not possible in a context where much of the civilian infrastructure has been destroyed and many patients cannot be moved.

– Gaza’s hospitals have been running out of medical supplies and fuel for generators, there is no space and no capacities to adequately care for the flow of injured

DO NOT STAY SILENT, especially if you are a #unionist and/or a #healthcareworker. Please share and speak out against the targeting of Palestinian #healthcareheroes , call for their protection, for an immediate ceasefire and for humanitarian aid to get into Gaza immediately.

PSI – Public Services International

النقابة العامة للعاملين في الخدمات الصحية – محافظات غزة

Sources of information: Palestinian Ministry of Health, UN OCHA Opt

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