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DWRC’s board of directors are elected by the general assembly for a three year mandate that is renewable. The current members of the board of directors are:

NameProfessionPositionYears on Board
Tamara SiamMusic therapistPresident2 years
Taleb AwadRegional consultant to the European center for electoralVice-president2 years
Ahraf ‘AjramiChairperson of the Damour Advocacy TeamTreasurer2 years
Samar Al-DamnahoriAdministrative employee at the Palestinian Ministry of Health/ General Administration for Administrative AffairsSecretary4 years
Tamer Qare’Legal affairs department employee at Bank of PalestineMember2 years
Areej AwadLecturer in accountant for master students at Palestine Technical University – Khadouri  Member4 years
Iman Mohammed Hasan Al-JawabraNurse / unionistMember4 years
Mohammed Al-BleidiGeneral Secretary at the New Federation of Trade Unions  Member2 years
Maysa NajimSenior producer Member2 years

DWRC’s basic statute defines rules of functioning of the board. The board of directors has responsibilities in supervising the management of the affairs of the organization, preparation of by-laws and internal regulations, and necessary directives for the proper functioning of the charitable society, recruitment of senior staff, establishing specialized committees on a need-basis for improving the work of the organization; they have also financial responsibilities and the signature of two board members is necessary for any check issued by the organization or financial transfer, they have to approve financial and narrative annual reports, and submit them to general assembly of the organization, convene general assembly meetings and follow-up with competent ministries.