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The Democracy and Workers’ Rights Center in Palestine (DWRC) is a non-governmental non-profit organization registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under number RA267B in 2000, in abidance with the Palestinian Non-Governmental and Charitable Societies Law. DWRC is not affiliated with any political party and is independent in its decisions and policies.

DWRC was established in 1993 by a group of lawyers, academics, trade unionists and other prominent figures in the Palestinian society to defend Palestinian workers’ rights and promote principles of democracy, social justice and equality in the Palestinian territories. DWRC has offices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and operates in both areas. DWRC has also worked in the Arab region and participates in international networks.


A Palestinian society where peace, democracy, social justice and equality prevail, and where human rights and fundamental liberties reign supreme among its political, economic, social and cultural principles.


Spreading a trade union, democratic and human rights culture, reinforcing the skills and knowledge of female and male trade union leaders, informing them about their rights and mechanisms of protection, reinforcing women’s role, providing them with legal assistance to enable them to achieve their right to justice, encouraging them to form representative bodies on a democratic basis, and providing them with information through research and studies to enable them to influence socio-economic policies, reduce the effects of poverty and unemployment, and reinforce respect of human rights.


  • Transparency in DWRC’s administrative, financial and information policies.
  • Accountability, through mechanisms that guarantee the right of board of directors, general assembly, target groups and relevant ministries to question DWRC’s administration in all its fields of work.
  • Target groups have a right to participate in elaborating DWRC’s policies and decision-making strategies.
  • Equality between women and men in rights, opportunities, and positions of responsibility and leadership.
  • Democracy is a guarantee for participation, equality, social justice, and building citizenship.  
  • Acceptance of others, respect for opinion and beliefs is the foundation for societal progress and peaceful alternation of power.
  • Proficiency & objectivity; guarantee rights protection, and enhance credibility.
  • The right to freedom of association, trade union activity and political activity are key for respect of fundamental freedoms.


  • Ensure free access to information.
  • Openness to all actors, social & political activists, engaged in achieving social justice, equality, and the protection of rights & freedoms.
  • Diversification of funding sources, and increasing the contribution of local community in funding DWRC’s activities.
  • No partisanship, working on influencing programs and activities of political parties, in order to serve workers and the social movement in Palestine.
  • A democratic trade union movement, with the ability to represent and negotiate for workers’ rights and interests, and independent decision-making.
  • Cooperation with the international trade union movement, and all civil society organizations that are active in defending and promoting rights, freedom, justice and social equality.


  • Palestinian male and female workers from the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), and the Gaza Strip, who work in private & public sectors, in the Palestinian and Israeli labor markets.
  • Male and female labor and trade union leaders.
  • Palestinian male and female youth and women’s rights activists.