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Legal Aid and Human Rights Protection

Legal Aid and Human Rights Protection

DWRC believes in a holistic approach to human rights. Our Legal Aid Unit provides a unique, rights-centered approach to labor in Palestine through the advancement of human rights in general and ESCR in particular. Its activities includes legal assistance & advice, awareness-raising, monitoring, documenting, and reporting human rights violations, studies, advocacy, and training in the field of human rights with a focus on labor and social legislation.

Freedom of Association & the Right to Organize

DWRC promotes democracy, independence and efficiency in trade union work through awareness raising, providing technical assistance to workers’ committees and leaders, helping workers to establish and support new committees and independent trade unions, assisting workers and trade unionists in defending their rights through promoting collective bargaining and social dialogue, and advocating for trade union rights and freedoms.

Occupational Health & Safety & Work Environment

Many Palestinian laborers are employed in hazardous sectors, such as stone cutting, construction, and industrial labor. DWRC is dedicated to protecting the health and safety of the Palestinian workforce by collecting data and preparing research and studies, raising awareness of safety and health rights, training and developing training tools, providing technical assistance and expertise on safety and health to partner unions, and working hand in hand with all stakeholders at the national level for improving the legislative and policy framework.

Training & Education

DWRC empowers workers and union leaders to take action through skills development training courses on labor rights, organizing, bargaining, union management, strategic planning, gender equality, communication, internet & social media, leadership for social change. In addition, DWRC undertakes political and socio-economic education activities (courses, study circles, awareness sessions), and develops training and educational materials in new fields.

Economic and Social Empowerment

Reducing poverty and unemployment continues to represent a major challenge in the Palestinian context. DWRC develops the professional qualifications of men, women and youth through vocational training and life-skills training adapted to labor market requirements, supports self-employment and income-generation activities of informal economy workers, while helping them to organize. In the past, our focus has been on workers in the informal handicrafts sector and construction sectors (including electricians).

Research & studies

DWRC is committed to building an informed Palestinian civil society, and contributes to local and international knowledge about labor and socio-economic rights issues via research and studies, data analysis, issuance of socio-economic bulletins and special reports related to labor and human rights, which are discussed with all stakeholders and disseminated widely.


DWRC takes local action to the international level through strategic partnerships worldwide. We seek to forge alliances with like-minded organizations through participating in and organizing conferences, workshops and seminars within the framework of developing an exchange for knowledge and information, internal support, and capacity building to disseminate information.